Strategy, writing & design // Alberta Health Services

The intention was for each infographic to show a quick overview of the achievements of each pilot program in the Strategic Clinical Network working group, to advocate for and facilitate these programs rolling out province-wide. The client had two main goals for this series of infographics:

  1. As informational communication of program purpose to clinical staff to educate, achieve buy-in and encourage active participation.
  2. As a visual summary to accompany the program achievement reports, presented by the Strategic Clinical Network team to AHS executives.

I was provided with raw data and summaries of the program achievements. I was asked to conceptualize, write and design the posters to achieve these two goals of the client. As part of this process I was required to understand each program’s work, its implications for health, its broader social context, its staff impact and its strategic positioning within the organization.

I designed the infographics for 11×17 paper, to facilitate easy in-office printing at the various locations across the province — professional printing and mailing was not in the project budget. As staff informational posters, the infographics were to be pinned up in hallways and offices where the Strategic Clinical Network programs were rolling out.