Strategy, research, writing, & design // First Nations Fisheries Council

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Complex First Nations fisheries policy issues explained and put in context through real people telling the stories of their Nations’ projects.

I took on all strategy and project management as well as design and writing for this project. FNFC was seeking to explain the complexities of BC aquaculture policy to a variety of First Nations community members, staff and elected officials, so they could participate in policy discussions and processes where key decisions were being made.

I used a storytelling approach, profiling successful projects with interviews and stories directly from those who led and worked on these projects. I also gave an overview of the complex political history leading to the current context of First Nations and Federal aquaculture policy on the coast, using language and methods that would be readable and friendly to non-specialists — which is a rare occurrence in fisheries policy analysis documents.

What I did: Strategy, concept, research, interviews, writing, art direction, design, production.

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