Formal version:

I’m Karianne, a graphic designer and writer who helps specialists (such as scientists and public servants) transform their knowledge into action by crafting inspiring words and images that clarify complex topics. I specialize in projects that seek to translate science and policy research into real action and change in the world. I have years of experience as a graphic designer, communicator, project manager and strategist.

Casual version:

I’m Karianne, I like to have deep discussions with all kinds of ‘nerds’ and help them explain their ideas to people outside of their field. I’ll help you make abstract concepts or complicated situations into useful, inspiring and engaging words and images. I’m good at picking up new lingo and learning new topics, and I can use this talent to reveal the heart of your passion for your field.

What do I do outside of work?

Crafting of all kinds, taking pictures of my cat, spending time with the trees or the ocean, and biking around the city!

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